Q: How long does it take to make a site template?
A: This all depends on the type of template--if the template uses iframes and has many pages, includes a lot of image details, etc. Simple designs can take 5-8 working days, but more detailed work can extend well beyond that.

Q: What do site templates come with?
A: Templates come with the html files, blank templated images, written on images (as a guide), and fonts.

Q: Can you make me a custom job?
A: Of course, just get in contact with us using the methods of contact on the "Contact" page and describe what work you would like us to do. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a price quote and more information.

Q: What do custom jobs come with?
A: Depending on the job requested, custom jobs can range from, some little coding, a flash intro, to even an entire site. All custom jobs come with either the Photoshop PSD files or the Flash FLA files. For further questions including, but not limited to getting your custom job coded and ready for web use, please contact us using the methods of contact on the "Contact" page.

Q: How can I contact D-Zyner Designs?
A: View the "Contact" page for more details.

Q: Which programs do you use to create your templates and sites?
A: The programs that D-Zyner Designs uses are; Photoshop, Note Pad, Flash, and Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.

Q: What is the best configuration for this site?
A: A 1024x768+ pixel resolution, 32 bit color, Internet Explorer 6+ or a browser which accept css scripting, java script, Flash animations and a good internet connection.

Q: How do I install the fonts that come with my template?
A: Place your font files into the, [ ...\Windows\Fonts ], Directory.

Q: How do I add my own text to the templated images?
A: You need a program similar to, but is not limited to, Photoshop. Just take the blank templated image, open it up, select the text tool, and add away. (don't forget to save)

Q: How do I send my payment to D-Zyner Designs after choosing a template?
A: Please contact us using the methods of contact on the "Contact" page and We will give you additional information on how to pay via Pay-Pal (credit card online) or Postage Mail.