Car Color

Have you ever wanted to learn how to change the color of your, or any car's, color, but didn't know how? Well, that's probably because to make the color look real, it takes quite a bit of work. So let's get started.

 Step 1:

Car Color

Open up your image in Photoshop. I chose this picture of a mustang. Now in some tutorials similar to this, you are told to only use a black colored car. In this tutorial you will learn how to change the color with any colored car.

 Step 2:

Car Color

Start off by selecting the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L). Now select the perimeter of the car as shown. To finish the selection, end it by clicking the point at which you began your selection. It should look like the below image.

 Step 3:

Car Color

Create a New Layer above your image layer, and name is "color". On the new layer, fill the selection in with whatever color you want. Don't worry, we are only beginning. I chose a tint of blue.

 Step 4:

Car Color

Click the eye next to your colored layer, and select the Polygonal Lasso Tool (L) again. Start off by making a selection around the windows as shown. Once you have completed that selection, click the eye on your colored layer, and hit your delete key. You should now see the window as shown below.

 Step 5:

Car Color

Continue this process around your windows, mirrors, grill, lights, company symbol, and so on.

 Step 6:

Car Color

Now do the following:

- Hit [Ctrl+*Click*] your color layer.
- Go to your image layer with the color parts of the car still selected.
- Hit [Shift+Ctrl+U] or (Image > Adjustments > Desasturate)
- Then Hit [Ctrl+D] or (Select > Deselect)

 Step 7:

Car Color

Now on your colored layer, set the option from Normal to Overlay. You should get what I have below.

 Step 8:

Car Color

To change the car to many colors, just do the following:

- Hit [Ctrl+*Click*] your color layer
- Hit [Delete] Once
- Select your Color
- Fill it in

*** TIP: to make your car silver, fill in the color layer with white (#FFFFFF). ***