Real Wires

So you want to learn how to make the wires that are on version 2.0 of [D-Zyner.com] eh? Well today is your lucky day, because I'm going to teach you how! Now before I tell you the secret of wire-making that I have found, I would like to ask you to please link back to www.d-zyner.com on your site, or wherever you use this tutorial to for your needs. After all, I am using this on version 2.0, and I have worked very hard to get it just right.

†Step 1:

Real Wires

So, first off open up Adobe Photoshop. Preferably 7, if you have it.

†Step 2:

Real Wires

Now, just so you can learn how to make the wires, open up a new document, at about 200x200 px. Now fill the background with the color #6B6B6B.

†Step 3:

Real Wires

Now select the pen tool (P) (only the Pen Tool).

†Step 4:

Real Wires

If you have never used the Pen Tool before then you might want to learn how first.

Before getting started, there are two things you must do. Select your foreground color, and make it a light shade of the color you want the wire to be, first try #8B8B8B. Next, select your Brush tool (B), and select about a 3px solid rounded brush. Leave all the settings at 100% and Normal. Do NOT Check off the airbrush.

      a. Click only one dot (click and donít drag) at about 1/6 of the pallet down from both from top and left. Now at the top of the screen there will be a tool bar of options for the pen tool. Change the first setting to paths instead of shape layers. And if not changed, change the next setting to Pen tool, instead of Free Form Pen Tool.

      b. Now move your mouse to about half the way down from the top and left through the pallet (the section where you want your wire to finish its first bend).

      c. Now click, and hold.

      d. Drag your mouse around the screen, and it will start to curve a line. That is your first curve.

      e. Repeat this process for the ending point. If you still do not know how to use the pen tool, please look up a tutorial on the net, get used to it, and then finish the tutorial. If further assistance is needed, then please contact me.

†Step 5:

Real Wires

Now it is important that you create a new layer. (Bottom of layers pallet, click the icon that displays a layer on top of a layer "Create a new layer")  

†Step 6:

Real Wires

With the pen tool path still selected and pen tool, right click the shape, and select Stroke Path....

Now Make sure it says Brush in the box, and do NOT check off Simulate Pressure. Hit OK.

Next Hit [Enter] on your keyboard.

†Step 7:

Real Wires

Right Click the layer with the drawn line path on it and go to "Blending Options". (Layer > Layer Style > Blending Options)

†Step 8:

Real Wires

Now it gets hard, creating the effect of it being nice, clean, and real.

Use all the below settings:
(Click to Enlarge Images)

Blending Options: Custom

Drop Shadow:

Bevel and Emboss:

Bevel and Emboss: Contour


Gradient Overlay:

Gradient Overlay: Gradient Editor

†Step 9:

Real Wires

Thatís it! Pretty neat eh? Now you can repeat this process, it should come easier to you now, and you can change the curves, and the colors, to make it look even nicer. Once again, as Iíve said before, I did work on this tutorial for quite a while, and also making site version 2.0 of [D-Zyner], so if you could please link back to www.d-zyner.com wherever you use this tutorial for your needs, that would be greatly appreciated.