D-Zyner - The Company

   Welcome to D-Zyner.com. We at D-Zyner Designs, offer high-quality templates, graphic designs, animations, and more, for low prices starting at just $1.00. We want our customers to be happy with what they get for the low prices they pay. We even offer custom designs from web-site designs to site button designs, just fill out our services form and we will contact you with a price quote and more information. We have on-going customer support, and have many different ways for a customer to contact us, viewable on the contact page. If you are not satisfied with a portion of your product, or need help setting something up, we will always be free for chatting and assistance to help you and your experience with D-Zyner Designs be exactly what you are looking for.

   If you are looking for a web-site design, this is the site that will have them. Just go to our Web-Templates directory, select a sub-category under "Templates". There you will have a list of all our current templates. Select view in order to view a lower-quality and smaller image of the actual product to determine if that is the design you are looking for. You can even read up on the design on the right side panel. Select "Buy" to purchase the item, and read all the information from then on. Then we will contact you with information on how to pay by credit card via Pay-Pal, or by check via Postage Mail.

D-Zyner - The Name

   The actual name, D-Zyner, was created while thinking of a name that could both describe what this company provides, and show how creative this company is. D-Zyner, for those that do not know how to pronounce the name correctly, is pronounced as the English word, "Designer". [Designer] (De-sign-er) n. One who designs, marks out, or plans; a contriver. A clever and new way to spell out what this company is all about, and is run by. Simply, a designer.

Enjoy your stay, and thank you for visiting D-Zyner.com.