Custom Site Designs

D-Zyner v.1.0
The first site version of [D-Zyner] Designs. A simple yet very effective site design.
Date: June 2004.
A nice little Counter-Strike team. Now containing an in-line and up-to-date site.
Date: June 2004.
APMD v.8.0
APMD's Third site design version, 8.0. A light settle blue skin.
Date: June 2004.
APMD v.7.0
APMD's second site design version, 7.0. A light settle blue skin.
Date: April 2004.
The [D.U.I.] Team
Team DUI, a Counter-Strike Team's Site. Template By APMD
Date: April 2004.
APMD v.6.0
APMD's first site design version, 6.0. A dark blue skin.
Date: February 2004
APDS Counter-Strike
The DS CS Division. Site is hosted, and created by APMD.
Date: January 2004
The DS CS:CZ Division. Site is hosted and created by APMD.
Date: April 2004